Over the course of our lives many of us will spend more time at work than we will anywhere else. That means we may spend more time with our co-workers and managers than with our friends and family. Although we have all heard and lived out horror stories with our slave driving bosses who want more for less, every now and then a manager comes along who changes our life, the way we think, takes care of us like a mother or father, and switches roles from being a MANAGER to a LEADER.

We want to hear stories about those leaders who made a positive influence on your life.

Submission Guidelines:

Deadline: Friday, December 31, 2021.

Word Count: 500-3000 words.

Compensation: If MANAGER ≠ LEADER Kickstarter is successful then contributors will receive a token payment via PayPal, US dollars and a free e-book of MANAGER ≠LEADER No other form of payment is guaranteed.

Format: Paste your story in the body of an email. Times New Roman, 12 font. Send to with the subject line: Submissions: {Full Name_{Story Title}_{Word Count}_MANAGER LEADER. Above the story please include your name, address, an optional short bio (less than 100 words)with any relevant information. Attachments will not be opened. You should receive a submission confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation within three days, please email and type NO SUBMISSION RESPONSE: {“Story Title”}_{Full Name} in the subject line.

REPRINTS: No. Not even if it has only appeared on your Facebook, Blog, ect…

RIGHTS: If your work is accepted for publication you are agreeing to First World Electronic Rights and First North American Serial Rights for 60 days after publication. After 60 days you can publish the work elsewhere. Guin Publishing retains the right to publish in future anthologies and on my social media pages for promotional purposes.

RESPONSE TIMES: If you haven’t received a response in three weeks, please email and type “Query: {“Story Title”}_{Full Name} in the subject line.

PUBLICATION: Publication will be through Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon available on Kindle as well as paperback on February 1, 2022.