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Interview on Jenny Magazine:  https://jennyzine.wordpress.com/2016/07/22/friday-feature-interview-with-james-e-guin/?platform=hootsuite



Coming Soon an Interview With Jenny Magazine https://jennyzine.wordpress.com/



“Anila, the Wind, and the Sea” won 2nd place in Jenny Speculative Fiction Contest





My story “A Generous Tip” @ Untied Shoelaces of the Mind

My story “Her Hands” is at MetroMoms: Metro Fiction


Recently, Giovanni Valentino, editor Alternate Hilarities, asked me a few questions. The interview will be on his blog ,Exaggerated rants and Strange Musings, May 3, 2014.


“Marvin, the Bringer of War” is on the Perihelion Online Science Fiction Magazine  under the shorter stories section.


My story “Marvin, the Bringer of War” will be in Perihelion Online Science Fiction Magazine April 12, 2014. Go ahead and check out the website. It has some nice stories and art work.



The Goal has been reached. The paperback will be out May 1st.




Only 8 more days left in the Kickstarter. Only at 52%. My story the “The Town Prophet” will be in this anthology.


Want to name a major character in a funny Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror Story, pledge $150 to the Alternate Hilarities Kickstarter campaign. My story the “The Town Prophet” will be in this anthology.

How would you like to name a minor character in a funny Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror story? Pledge $100 to Alternate Hilarities.  My story the “The Town Prophet” will be in this anthology.

My story, “The Town Prophet”, will soon appear in Alternate Hilarities. Check out this hilarious video created by editor Giovanni Valentino which makes you want to share on Facebook and Twitter, buy the E-book, but most of all it makes you want to PLEDGE!

Check out the new cover art for Alternate Hilarities.

Wow! Someone gave my story “Patchwork Blouse” a rating on goodreads.

Strange Musings Press, Vampires Suck is extending its deadline to February 1st and is attempting to expand the anthology to any humorous speculative fiction stories.

Check out the bios of the writers who will be in Strange Musings Press, Alternate Hilarities. Alternate Hilarities may be purchased in March/April 2014.

Summer 2014 , my story “The Vampire Who Wouldn’t Give Up” will be in  Vampires Suck Anthology, Strange Musings Press

Spring 2014      “The Town Prophet” Alternate Hilarities, Strange Musings Press  May 1st 2014

“Patchwork Blouse in on Daily Science Fiction’s Website.

“Patchwork Blouse” will be in Daily Science Fiction subscribers’ mail box December 4th and up on the web a week later.

My story “The Town Prophet” will the in Alternate Hilarities in Spring 2014.

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