My Life As A Journal by Jed Guin

Here is a link to one of my favorite books by my son, Jed Guin.  If you have the money, buy it and make a young author happy.


                                                                                                                                                                                Paperback, 42 Pages
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Price:                                                                             $9.66
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Written by 10-year-old Jed Guin, MY LIFE AS A JOURNAL is the story of a journal that is devoted to its owner, Paul. Paul’s journal is alive. It wishes that humans would place band aids on its pages when it gets torn, and it spends much of its time under its owner’s bed making friends with other journals and with the family dog, Gummy. But no matter how interesting life becomes, from tree to paper to store to Paul’s home, a journals mission and purpose in existence is to keep its owner’s secrets safe. Paul gets in trouble a lot because he bullies Christians. Paul is not a Christian, but his journal is a believer in Jesus Christ, and Paul’s actions against Christians are a big disappointment. But when Paul gets saved and decides to use his life story to tell a dying world about Christ, disappointment turns into greatness. MY LIFE AS A JOURNAL is not just the story of Paul’s life or his journal’s life. This is a touching story about a… More > journal’s prays for his owner to be a great witness for Jesus Christ.< Less

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