Patchwork Blouse

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When Daily Science Fiction accepted my flash fiction story, “Patchwork Blouse” for publication on December 11, 2013, I was excited to say the least. Probably the all around best short fiction piece of mine published to date, “Patchwork Blouse” is the story of a young lady who has the unique experience of being one of the first girlfriends in the history of the human race to tell her Mars bound significant other goodbye.

Sometime in late 2013, my wife, Soon Hong Yong, dragged me, kicking and screaming, to a thrift store in Woodstock, GA She tried on a blouse and asked, “What do you think?”, and a female voice popped into may head “You stand there watching me try on this blouse” which became the first line of the piece.

Of course the ending is sad, as will be in the near future for the loved ones of those great explorers embarking on space travel, but I wrote a second part which was published in 2015 that has a happy ending. I will share that one on Saturday.

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