Horror Artist James Powell Paints a Colorful Portrait of Halloween and His Inspirations

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A Halloween interview with my friend artist James Powell.

Alexander S. Brown

In 2008, I was invited to attend a horror convention in Jackson, MS – this event is responsible for most of the friends I have today. Out of all of the artists I met here, James Powell was an artist who stood out to me. With his images of Lovecraftian themed artwork, I stood there regretting that I didn’t have more wall space. Throughout the years, I knew that in some way I wanted to work with Mr. Powell, however, I just never had the opportunity until my novel Syrenthia Fallswas published by Dark Oak Press. Once Mr. Powell and my publisher were under the same roof, I brought my publisher to Mr. Powell and said, “HIM! HE IS THE ARTIST I WANT TO DESIGN THE COVER ART FOR SYRENTHIA FALLS!” Due to Mr. Powell’s wonderful take on the horror genre and my puppydog look in situations such as…

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